What i uses ?uses
  • vscode
    When working we should use IDE or text editor family with our teammate,
    so we can make sure every one in team work together more easily, for that reason i chose vscode for my main text editor in office
  • Vim
    Vim is one of the most efficiently text editor i ever use,
    i'm using neovim as my main text editor in my home,
    you can find my config here
  • Font Consolas
    font for every my text editor
  • Iterm2 & Oh-my-zsh
    My terminal running with Oh-my-zsh
  • Tmux
    tmux is a terminal multiplexer, i use tmux with vim to manager my panel (config)
  • TablePlus
    Database management software for macos
  • Slack
    Communicate software for team
  • Chrome
    My favourite browser for both work or relax
  • Sourcetree
    Free beautifull git GUI in macos and window
  • Adobe Photoshop
    Software i use for optimize image, resize or anything i need to edit image
  • Spotify
    Every one need music, spotify bring many category music into my life
  • Notion
    Save some thing inspire me, document or something importal
  • Apple iMac 2017, 27 inch (16GB RAM, Macos Catalina)
  • Laptop HP (8GB RAM, window 10)
  • Magic mouse
  • Vortex Cypher Single Spacebar (red switch)
  • Iphone 5C ( T.T )